What God wants...

Today's Wednesday Wonderment #7 comes via a song, entitled, "A little longer...."

Take a listen by clicking the video below...and gently notice. Then take a look at some of the questions below for further reFlection.

  • What stirred in you as you listen?
  • What does the tone of the music communicate to you? At what point did you hear it change?
  • How do you feel hearing, "you, don't have to do a thing,..."?
  • What would believing that/living into that look like in your life/circumstances?
  • What is your sense of God's invitations to you today?

As you walk forward into this week, carve out some intentional spaces to "just be." Notice what difference this makes in your life.

And remember, always, be gentle with your self. And God's good and peace to you and all whom you love.

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Paula Gamble GrantComment