5 seconds that will change your day

Hey friends - I'm back, hoping to get back to podcasting in this new year - so take a little pause in your hustle and slow your soul to grow your soul! Take a little listen below - in what ways will you begin to pause your hustle in 2018?



Maya Angelou asks says there are 4 questions that we are unconsciously asking all the time

  1. Do you see me?
  2. Do you care?
  3. Am I enough for you? (or do you need me to be better somehow?)
  4. Can you tell me that I'm special to you by the way you look at me?


  • Today, take notice of the times when and with whom you are unconsciously asking these questions today.
  • With whom do you feel seen? unseen? How do you know?
  • With whom do you feel cared for? Not cared for? How do you know?
  • With whom do you feel like you're okay just as you are? With whom do you wonder if you're not enough or too much?
  • With whom of your co-workers, family, friends, pets, neighbors, strangers are you able to hold a short gaze? With whom are you not?
  • In what ways today have you felt "seen" and "cared" for and welcomed by God?

If you have a pet, begin to practice a little longer pause with these ones - who, incidentally seem to do this better than most humans!  Practice looking into their eyes and see what you see in return.

If you feel more daring - each time you look in a mirror today, pause 5 seconds to look in your own eyes and say to yourself, "I see you, I care" and see what happens.