Wednesday Wonderment #73- Audio Divina

The past few weeks we've been looking at sacred ways of reading (Lectio Divina), looking (Visio Divina) and now today, listening (Audio Divina). Take a listen to today's is an original song by Paula that expresses an ongoing prayer of her heart.


for reflection

  • What did you notice (an instrument lick, a particular "part", a lyric, your soul resounding, "yes" or resisting, "no!")
  • Hold onto that thing you noticed...perhaps even listen to the song again...then ask God, "God, how does this connect to my life and circumstances?" Listen for God's insight via a gentle whisper, memory, image, scripture, poem etc.
  • Once you have a sense of the connection ask God, "What are you inviting me toward?"
  • How do you feel about this invitation? In what ways do you want to authentically respond in word, posture, movement, action?

Oh - and by the way - in case yo're interested, here are the lyrics of the song:

Love me as I am by Paula Gamble-Grant

Love me as I am, 
not as I should be.
Take my wandering heart,  
all my jealousy.
Love me as I am,  
not as I appear. 
Heal my empty pride
masking all my fears. 

Come love me - Come quickly
I need You To hold me
Come enter my brokenness
Come heal me with your tenderness.

Love me as I am,  not as I deserve
Take away my shame,
fill me with your worth
Love me as I am, 
not as I long to be
Free me from myself
And my complacency  

Come love me And know me
Please touch me And hold me
Come fiercely Come gently
Be near me  Oh love me...

Copyright 2011 iseetheking Music and Paula Gamble


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