You are broken...and you are valuable.

God did not come to fix what was broken but to be with that which is valuable ~Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ

Read that again, out loud. 

As you read this quote -

  • what strikes you?
  • What happens within you?
  • Are there parts of your body which open up or parts that feel defensive? I mean this quite literally - as you are attentive to your body does your breathing change? Do you feel an openness (lightness, expansion, relief) somewhere or a resistance (tightness, pang, twitch)? 

If you are able, sit still for a moment with your attention on the part of you that you sense is responding to the quote. Be compassionately curious about this part - and with your attentiveness, see "where" it goes.

  • Does the tightness spread? 
  • Do you notice the "relief" or "stress" spread or dissipate?
  • Do you start breathing more deeply or rapidly?
  • What are the "yeah, buts" that arise in you? What are the questions that come forward?
  • How do you feel about these "yeah buts" and questions?

You are broken...and you are valuable. And throughout the whole of Scripture the God-Who-Stoops-Down-in-Love continues to share how he has a heart to be with his people; in the garden, in the desert, in the land flowing with milk and honey, fleeing abusive situations, hiding in caves in the hillside, in prisons, on the holy hills, by wells, in temples, and at dinner tables. God-with-us, Immauel is the God who entered humanity to be with what was - and is - deeply valuable. 

Today, for a moment, can you dare to believe that you are broken and you are valuable. And that to be in relationship with God isn't so much so that God can fix you or your messes because you're effed-up otherwise. No. God came - and continues to come - to be with that which is valuable. And that's you - whether you're faithful or whether you keep failing. Whether you have wandered far or are drawing near. Will you let yourself be loved?


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