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The fickleness of our faith

As we walk through Holy Week - how will you encounter the "fickleness" of your own soul - one moment feeling deep faith and the next moment feeling full of doubt? There is plenty of both in the stories of this last week of Jesus life - from the crowds who "hallow him" on Palm Sunday and cry out to crucify him a few days later. How will you walk through this week?

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If we didn't know tomorrow was coming...

I have a pet peeve...people who say, "It's Friday, but Sunday's coming." Sorry if you're one of those people...I just feel like rushing to the end of the story robs us of a deeper healing that occurs when we sit in the sad, fearful, despair of this "in between day." What if we, like the disciples, were unaware the resurrection was coming? This space is a part of the journey. Though written years ago, I offer it again this year... peace to you on this Holy Saturday. Don't rush to tomorrow...

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The fickle nature of Holy Week

As we enter into Holy week, the "confused" and seemingly fickle spring weather echoes the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. It echoes the crowds cheering Hosanna! to welcome Jesus then 2 days later yelling, "Crucify, crucify!" It echoes the ardent devotion of Peter, "I'll never betray you" and yet...It echoes love bestowed on the disciples as Jesus bends to wash their feet...hours later, they desert him and flee.
Holy week, Spring, transitions, death and resurrection - confusion, muck, pondering...
May you experience, fully, this Holy Week, the fullness of your fickleness...another reminder of your being made from "dust"/ash. His love is greater than your fickle, confusions...

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I greet everyone with peace

Think back over the past 24 hours of your life...the people you've interacted with, known and unknown. Some are close to you - intimates, family, friends. Others are work or school mates or housemates...and others familiar acquaintances - like the clerk at the store or bus driver for your school kids. Some, have even been one who pretended to not notice that you were grabbing for the last chocolate bar on the shelf and took it right out from under you. Yea. That.

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