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The Gospel for an Overfunctioning Soul

When the busy, stressed out people in Jesus' world wanted to know about God, Jesus pointed to nature - to the birds and the flowers. They don't overfunction. They know how to be beautiful and carefree without even trying. How might we listen in to God's invitation to consider the birds and flowers to remember in our own lives that we are not missing out when we slow down. 

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Love for the Over-functioning Soul

Do you overfunction? Do you do more than what you need - especially for others when they are fully capable of doing that work for themselves? What is it in us that drives us to overfunction? If you've ever felt resentment in your life for your overfunctioning addiction - take a listen as Paula invites you to listen in to God's love and invitations to slow down and be gentle with yourself and others. 

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It takes great courage to pause

The self-help industry makes millions of dollars offering formulas to our problems - really to our inner angst. Yet, most of our deepest solutions come when we merely gather our own courage to pause and listen to our lives and the God-given wisdom within. Take a listen this week to how Paula helped another person pause to take a courageous look at her own God-given wisdom within.

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