The fickleness of our faith

Today's reFlection is from Paula's devotional: "UnhurryUp! into Easter: A Lenten pilgrimage."

Spring weather can be fickle... some years there are crocus blossoms pushing forth from the ground, covered in a light dusting of snow. Short sleeves one day, long underwear the next. Sunshine for an hour, then a torrential downpour. The weather just cannot seem to make up it's mind.

Spring is a season of transition – it is one where it is murky and mucky and seemingly indecisive. It is almost as if nature echoes my own heart: What am I supposed to believe? Isn't there more... I know the warmth of summer is coming, but I am so tired of waiting.

As you enter into this next week – be reminded that it is a week of confusion...  of  fickleness. It's almost as if we've come full circle, again, to be reminded that we are dust; sometimes in one breath we feel as if we are growing and blooming and in the next we feel in a muck of inclement emotion and betrayal. We can't have the hope and growth and blossoming of new life without going through the murk and muck of transition... of betrayals and temptations and doubting.

As you go through this week, be gentle with yourself as you encounter your own heart's fickleness. Feel fully your humanity... looking toward the cross...

Courage, fellow pilgrim. Courage. You're almost “home.”

Gamble - Grant, Paula (2015-02-12). unhurryUp! into Easter: A Lenten Pilgrimage (Kindle Locations 1999-2010). Paula Gamble. Kindle Edition. 

For reflection

  • Read through the gospel passages this week and notice how many places there are of fickleness and/or seeming contradiction (e.g. the crowds on Palm Sunday vs. Good Friday; The woman who anoints Jesus feet vs. Judas; Peter's courage and denial; one criminal's cynicism and another one's faith...)
  • Ask God to help reveal to you the places where you both have great and fickle faith. Notice places of struggle/doubt and sit with those places gently to see what "truth" lies hidden within.


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