Marital hiccups & wholeness

Reality is, good relationships have both crap and glory. What do you do when you experience a little hiccup in a relationship? Take a listen as Paula shares about a recent "shame dance" she encountered and how God is inviting her into ongoing healing.

And enjoy the deep breathing sounds of the pups in the background...may you do the same in the midst of your own relational hiccups!


If you find yourself often experiencing wanting to "fight" to be right or to run away to be safe...then you are in the midst of a shame dance...your too muchness rubbing up against another's not-enoughness, which only perpetuates and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of the core fear of being rejected.

A good spiritual director and/or a good counselor can help companion you and help you find the courage to encounter these emotional coping mechanisms that don't work anymore.

Paula will shortly be on a one month sabbatical, but If you'd like someone with which to explore your own "too much/not enough" dance (with yourself or in relationship to another) please contact Stephen  - ( I guarantee, he practices what we both preach and try to live. It ain't always pretty...but we never want to ask of others what we're not doing ourselves.