Monday's unhurryUp! Moment - how we spend our days

Monday's unhurryUp! Moment

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. 
~Annie Dillard

What first comes to mind as you read this quote and/or look at this picture?

If you always feel like you are "behind" - you'll spend your lifetime trying to catch up to some illusive promise of rest and peace.

If you want a lifetime of love - then you have to make space to put aside efficiency/busy and engage with loving God, yourself and all of creation.

Rest and peace and love are already unhurried moments...every day. Today, choose to take 5 minutes to unhurryUp - to saunter, to linger, to frolic. To rest, breathe, walk, pray, give.

Take note of what stirs in your soul as you choose to take 5 minutes/day to unhurryUp

Peace on the journey, friends.


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