Just be

A little of my "just being" from the weekend.

A little of my "just being" from the weekend.

The North American (and other) culture(s) breed our mindset that "being" is NOT holy - it's lazy. But what would it look like if you could take even 5 minutes a day to "be" without any agenda? To color in a coloring book, to breathe deeply, to take a warm bath, to enjoy a cuppa or to cuddle a critter. 

And while "being" seems to connote not doing anything, we know that "being" takes great intention and work. It is a little like the oxymoronic statement the write of Hebrews offers: "Make every effort to enter [God's] rest" (4:11). What? Make every effort (strive, be diligent) to enter rest?

Well, how easily do you rest? How easy is it for you to practice Sabbath rhythms - to be able to pull away one day a week and not do any work? When you have free space to do "nothing" - are you grateful or do you feel anxious?

"Being" doesn't just happen. Being takes intentionality. And "being" is the best way for us to be connected to life where life really happens...in the present moment. When we are connected to life - to the people or nature or our own emotions/bodies, we are more likely to experience the healing and purpose for which we long.

So...slow down a little today.

Intentionally choose to pay attention to whatever is in your presence - even in this very moment. What do you feel within? Who is nearby? How might you offer a little of your "being" and presence to this person, critter, tree, yourself, in this moment?


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