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The fickleness of our faith

As we walk through Holy Week - how will you encounter the "fickleness" of your own soul - one moment feeling deep faith and the next moment feeling full of doubt? There is plenty of both in the stories of this last week of Jesus life - from the crowds who "hallow him" on Palm Sunday and cry out to crucify him a few days later. How will you walk through this week?

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Love enters the mystery

"Knowledge may take us to the threshold of God, but love enters into the mystery," ~ Ilia Delio 

Spiritual Direction happens at the intersection of where people have come to the threshold of God with knowledge, and know it’s not enough. They are the ones who are hungering for something more, something deeper, something more significant. My privilege as a Spiritual Director is to companion the daring souls who have arrived at this threshold. It is in this place where I hear things like,

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