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Love enters the mystery - part 2

Love transforms because love unites ~Bonaventure

This longing for "more" is often first presented as a need for clarity and/or understanding of how life/faith/love works. Four out of five people I meet with are trying to "figure it out." When I explore what the "it" is with them, the result they think they want is a formula/plan that "works." It's clear that "it" isn't working, but there's not much clarity about what would be different if "it" did work. 

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Love enters the mystery

"Knowledge may take us to the threshold of God, but love enters into the mystery," ~ Ilia Delio 

Spiritual Direction happens at the intersection of where people have come to the threshold of God with knowledge, and know it’s not enough. They are the ones who are hungering for something more, something deeper, something more significant. My privilege as a Spiritual Director is to companion the daring souls who have arrived at this threshold. It is in this place where I hear things like,

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Trusting the rhythm of quiet

I am so grateful as of late for my directees. Recently, it feels to me like God is distant and quiet. This isn't the first time this has happened. And it won't be the last. It isn't as disturbing as it used to be...I've journeyed enough to know that God can feel both fully present and fully absent at the same time. He is immanently transcendant. He is transcendantly immanent. Though I don't feel he is "near" I am yet reassured somewhere deep in my soul that I am held together by the One who both unravels me and holds all things together at the same time.

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