The gift of compassionate company

Mary visits Elizabeth

After the young, virgin Mary consented to God's audacious invitation to carry the Messiah in her womb - what was life like for her? Sure we know she had amazing faith - but as the news got out,  and not a little skepticism along with it, no doubt Mary needed some reassurance. Who could stand with her in the midst of her courageous journey? Mary immediately hurries to the hill country to see her cousin, Elizabeth. And what a scene - two moms finding themselves sharing the wonder of being in some rather unexpected birth scenarios.

Take a moment or two to linger with this photo of the young, virgin Mary visiting Elizabeth. 


  1. What most draws you? Linger with that part of the picture with curiousity and an open heart.
  2. Notice what feelings are stirring in you as you sit with this picture. (Try not to "think" about the picture but to actually "see" it and to notice from "where" inside you this picture is connection to what you're looking at.)
  3. Ask God, "Lord, what do you want me to notice? Linger with that part of the photo and what stirs within you.
  4. Ask God, "What are you inviting me toward?"

What prayers are rising within your heart from this space? What do you want to carry with you into the day/week?