To bless or to blame

Monday's unhurryUp! Moment

I wonder if my propensity to "blame" others is connected to my speed of life? If, indeed, our impulse to blame is an attempt to escape our own responsibilities, how might I "listen" to my life today...and bless, instead of blame?


  • Take a moment today, to "listen" to the places you blame others for impeding YOUR life. Offer, instead, a blessing for the gal who cuts you off in traffic, for the slow checker at the store, for the elderly person walking gingerly, etc.
  • If you feel hurried, you will feel harried and be less able to offer blessing. When you feel rushed today, take a deep breath, and "join with" the person who is slowing you down - what is one thing you might be able to do to be present to their needs?
  • Each morning this week as you start your day, consider praying this prayer:

Lord, grant me the grace, this day, to bless, not blame.


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