Waiting or Wandering

If we do not wait patiently in expectation for God's coming in glory, we start wandering around, going from one little sensation to another. Our lives get stuffed with news, tv, and gossip. Then our minds lose the discipline of discerning between what leads us closer to God and what doesn't, and our hearts gradually lose their spiritual sensitivity." ~Henri Nouwen


  • Pay attention to all the sources of "information" you have in a day: twitter, facebook, news, magazines, radio, friends, blogs, etc.
  • Choose one day this week to take an "information" fast - to not be filling your spaces with online or tv or radio info. Notice if you're able to be led closer to God or not. If so, in what ways?
  • Was not having the info pleasant or unpleasant? In what ways, if any, were you able to focus better?
  • In general, would you characterize your life as waiting or wandering? Or would you use another word?
  • What is your heart's response to stuffing your mind vs. waiting for God.