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Along a journey of faith, the awakening soul starts to realize, "Gosh, I think my soul and body are more connected than I ever imagined!" I know in my (Paula) own journey, I have been pretty content to live my faith "virtually" - i.e. I pretty much tended to use only the top 3 inches of my body (to be exact, I used only my mind). My virtual faith (as well as my virtual/imagined/intentioned workouts) were AMAZING. And yet, I was neither fully engaging in life emotionally nor with being in touch with my body. Thus, I wasn't really able to be in touch with being present to life and others in a truly authentic way.

It was my directees that helped me begin to notice my own discrepancies. I would hear things like, "I'm so glad my neck went out because I really needed to rest!" or "Being sick was a gift - I didn't have to go to all those meetings I didn't want to go to this week." As is often true in SD, I heard my own journey. My body was telling me something, but I wasn't listening! 

What is it about me that would rather be in pain physically than to just say "no" to something I didn't really want to do?

In what ways could I create some restful boundaries in my life so that I wouldn't be at the mercy of a thrown out back as my only "relief"?

As I've continued to deepen my intimacy with God, I see how my body and emotions have as much to say, if not more, than my mind or the beliefs and spiritual "behaviors" I've blindly adapted. Just as Jesus learned to "incarnate" - using his senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing (not to mention his "intuitive" alignment of Spirit with the Father) - so too do our spiritual journeys invite us toward a deeper movement into emotion, body, mind and soul awareness and integration.

          Essential oil diffuser and a variety of oils

          Essential oil diffuser and a variety of oils

Over the past few years I've had dabblings with essential oils. My introduction came way of massage therapists and chiropractors who would accentuate the physical hands on healing with certain oils ... joy, frankincense, lavender etc. I started to use a few of them on my own - like "Thieves" and "oregano" to shorten and nip colds and sore throats. I have put a drop of "Stress Away" on my scarf to help me stay centered and peppermint on my temples to ease a headache (or a drop in my tea to calm my tummy). 

Recently I took the plunge to discover and integrate more - I became a wholesale member of Young Living essential oils by buying a discounted Premium Starter kit (see below). I am continuing to use these oils as my first step whenever I have a headache, feel stressed, have trouble falling asleep, or want some focus. 

I've been quiet about the oils because I have wanted to see what they did, if they work, if this would be something important for me and my family. I mentioned, I have seen great results in better sleep, improved focus, decrease of stinky smells, help with immunity, soothing some skin issues and reducing my sick time. I hope to transition out all my toxic cleaning products to home-made, essential oil based cleaners. I have even started using them in my Spiritual Direction and on retreats. The oils mentioned in the Bible had very healing and spiritual properties!

Click on this image to get your free  pdf download 120 everyday uses of essential oils

Click on this image to get your free  pdf download 120 everyday uses of essential oils

I have friends who are holistic wellness and nutritional coaches, massage therapists and naturopaths who use these all the time in their practices. Even regular hospitals have started using Essential oils. (Click <<<HERE>>> for Fox News report on increasing use in hospitals) I tried my friend's Young Living brand “Breath Again” blended oil mix and my congestion improved and I was able to breathe more clearly as I was falling asleep. It worked better than my Flonase...and was all natural! If you want to read about some of the ordinary uses of these oils, click on the picture above and discover even more.

About Young Living Essential Oils - Why I say "yes"

Young Living Essential Oils are the purest on the market - they are an organic, therapeutic grade and have a "seed to seal" guarantee meaning that from the soil they plant in through the growing, harvesting, extracting, bottling and sealing, they oversee the entire process. Why I said "yes" to YL oils - primarily because for a small price, I get a wholesale discount on the products I buy for myself. It's a little like having a costco card - the membership gives you some discounted benefits. Second, I've used lesser grade products to lesser effect. There are no toxins or fillers with YL oils. Third, I know a lot of people who are interested in enhancing their lives and lifestyles - and you can participate with YL for yourself or explore how their generous compensation plan might bring you a few extra (or a lot extra) dollars/month. Selling YL is NOT required and I don't intend on being a salesperson. Any monies gained will bless reFresh as we continue to offer unhurried spaces for the soul AND body!


2 ways to sign up: You can sign up as a retail customer only at no cost and start purchasing oils at full price or you can sign up as a wholesale member and get a discount of 24% off of all retail priced items for life, the ability to earn free oils through the Essential Rewards program and the option of earning an income if you so choose. If you don't want to earn income, you still get a discount on your products with a minimum purchase of ONE order of $50/year.

To become a wholesale member, you also have a few choices. (See chart to the right). You can pay a one-time $40 fee to become a lifetime wholesale member. With this you will get one essential oil called 'Citrus Fresh' along with a few samples of some popular oils. The "Plus" kit adds an Aroma Diffuser. The way I did it, was to order the Premium Starter Kit with Aroma Diffuser, the basic starter kit (with Citrus Fresh) and ten 5ml bottles of the oils (most of which are in the 120 Uses for Everyday Oils Collection PDF.) The kit retails for $300 - so essentially you get a membership, diffuser and oils for 50% off. Here are the ten oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, PanAway, Peace & Calming, Thieves, Purification, Valor and Joy, plus "Citrus Fresh" from the basic kit. AND if you get the premium wholesale kit, you have the added blessing of blessing the ministry of reFresh!

How to sign up

This is your step-by-step guide on how to join Young Living Oils:

1. Click here to enroll. 

2. Select Independent Distributor so you can get the wholesale 24% discount. {If you select “Customer” you will not receive wholesale pricing, so be sure to click Independent Distributor if you want your discount!}

3. My member number is: 2238632 – You can place this in both top boxes if it’s not already there.  

4. Choose your kit. The Premium Starter Kit $150 has the biggest bang for your buck (you get ten 5 ml Everyday oils + an awesome diffuser + samples + Stress Away 5 ml oil with roller) vs. the most inexpensive kit $40 (which comes with only 1 oil). Pick which kit works for you to get started!

Please note*: There is also an option for an Essential Rewards kit.  This is optional.  You do not have to order this kit to join. Essential Rewards will place you on an autoship program to get free oils. If you’d like to be part of this program you can sign up for it now or at a later date and you don’t have to purchase a kit to be part of it.

Young Living Independent Distributor and Wholesale Pricing FAQ

Why Should I become and Independent Distributor?

Becoming an Independent Distributor can get you wholesale pricing which is 24% off retail price! I can also add you to our Facebook ‘reFresh Body and Soul Space’ where we learn all about essential oils and other important body/soul spiritual practices. They have helped me de-stress, sleep better, breathe better and I am beginning to use them in our DIY cleaning products. You can start learning more about how it can benefit your health and the health of your family. You also gain the option of sharing the oils with your friends and family in order to earn commissions and participate in promotions for free oils (Again, if this is your thing. If not, it is perfectly fine to just receive your discount).

Is there a monthly order minimum? 

No.  You do not have to order monthly in order to benefit from being an Independent Distributor.  However, there is an optional monthly auto ship program that you have the choice of participating in with a minimum order of 50PV if you would like to earn points on your purchases + earn oils.  And the only requirement to keep your wholesale, 24% off discount is to make a minimum 50 PV order per year. This is about $50 yearly.

I don’t really want to sell oils. Do I have to Sell Young Living Products to be a Distributor? 

Of course not.  Since there is no monthly order requirement you can simply just order whenever you and your family need it. There is no requirement to have a business. And, YL is really NOT about selling anything, but about helping people get well. 

How do I join Young Living Oils? 

To begin as a wholesale distributor you have to purchase a starter kit (see steps above). There are several different kits that contain different prices.  You need only order 1 starter kit to get going. You can join for less, but the best bang for your buck is the Premium Starter Kit. The Premium Kit will last you the longest, gives you a great variety to start with and comes with a diffuser. This gives you the most bang for your buck!

This seems so expensive!

Like the struggle we all face as we make better choices for our health, families and environment, quality always costs more. As I replace cleaners with vinegar, water and oils; as I replace cold medicine and sleep aids with essential oils I am saving money. All change takes intention and investment. If this is something you have been and your family are worth it!

Sign Me Up!

If you have any questions, please email me at paula[at] mysoulrefresh [dot] com