... in others' words...

I just cannot get over how blessed and encouraged I was (and continue to be) by Monday's retreat.  Thank you for giving of yourself so selflessly, to lead in worship from a place of authenticity, to listen and respond thoughtfully to the things we brought up, and to live out your own freedom in Christ as an example of what is possible for each of us. AND, I'm thrilled and frightened at the thought of considering the 2-year ACT Journey. I am blessed and reFreshed and want more!

~S. Steeg, Associate Professor of English, George Fox University

Paula Gamble is a seeker, a follower, a true heart. Her authenticity is woven into the worship she leads, and provides a place for us to actually meet with God (rather than proclaiming things to him or proving something to ourselves).

She is musically gifted, creatively rich and the whole package is wrapped up in a beautiful, humble woman."

~Jan Meyers Proett - Author of Allure of Hope and Listening to Love.

Paula is uniquely gifted in partnering with God to help create a space that feels so safe and so full of potential. -

Imago Dei Ministries

Paula was a colleague in the Master's degree in Spiritual Formation and I had the blessing of working together with her on group research and presentation projects, which allowed me to see her tremendous gifting, her hilarious sense of humor and her willingness to open herself to new perspectives while allowing God to guide her path rather than popular opinion. My interactions with her inspired me to sign up and attend a one-day reFresh retreat and, later, a weekend retreat held at Dreamgiver's Inn. Both were outstanding! I have also met with her one on one and experienced her gifting at helping me pay attention to the stirrings of my soul. Experiencing Paula in these different dimensions leaves me certain of the truth and strength of her relationship with the living God her desire to be humble before him always. Her authentic servant's heart inspires her to serve God and others by giving generously of her many talents: writing and music, insightful and prayerful coaching and the sacredness of space and time she co-creates with God and participants in her retreat experiences.

~ Charlena Miller - Authentic Storytelling and www.charlenamiller.com

I came on retreat knowing I was loved. I left believing it.  ~ a two-time weekend participant

I've never actually left a retreat refreshed.

I didn't know what to do with myself! This is a unique retreat - not noisy and busy and overstuffed like most others.

Give a gift to your soul...come...

~ Adena Warner - Development Director, Habitat for Humanity, Salem, OR

Thanks again for setting the space for extended time with God. From the first words you spoke I felt my shoulders drop and fresh air filled my lungs. Sweet rest. ~ Beth Cunningham

I know few people who are called to 'attend to God' like Paula Gamble. Her ministry flows out of a life which is centered on worship, and because she is faithful to her primary calling & work, God has given her the spiritual authority to be a sweet aroma of Christ wherever she goes (2Cor 2:14). A woman who truly listens to God. I am hoping to have her lead me through the Ignatian Exercises and become my spiritual director.

Dr. Myra Perrine - Author: What's Your God Language: Connecting with God Through Your Unique Spiritual Temperament (Tyndale, 2007)

It was a pleasure to journey with you, and be opened up into His presence in what felt so real. Thank you for listening. Thank you for leading. There is nothing better then engaging the living God, lingering in His presence without pretense, but just to "be" with Him. I will be in touch as I move forward in the journey ~ Grady Guy, YWAM

I have re-lived that moment on the day reFresh when I realized how precious I am to God. It has changed my life so deeply. The healing has continued but reFresh helped launch me into this place that is indescribable - it's really having "on earth as it is in Heaven. I am excited about the future again! Thank you so much

~ Susan Nutt

His voice sounds so different to me when things are slow and settled. Encountering God on reFresh has opened up a whole new space for me and God to hang out in - believing that God was there all along, waiting for me to trust that my desires are a space he created for us to share. I'm very much enjoying that. a recent reFreshee