Coming Home: A Half Day Retreat Guide

Coming Home: A Half Day Retreat Guide

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Have you ever wanted to plan a half day retreat with the Lord but have not had the slightest idea of how to do it? Or maybe you're an old pro, but you'd like to have a focus and a seasoned guide. This Multimedia half day retreat guide includes everything you need to be able to pull away to enjoy some extended time with God.


  • a 32 page pdf manual that helps you plan before the retreat, some reflection materials to utilize at the retreat, and some ideas for how to incorporate what you were given into your ordinary life after the retreat.
  • A Paula original song - "Coming Home" mp3 (downloadable)
  • A 24 minute guided reFlection mp3 - Paula welcomes you to the space and helps you settle into the time.

The focus of the guide is on the story of the prodigal from Luke 15 and the exercises are designed to help you take a gentle and loving look at your own wanderings and how you might return home to the Welcoming Embrace of Your Loving God. 


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