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we are a tired people

Over the last three decades of being in vocational, non-profit ministry, we’ve realized that most people are supremely tired. In fact, when we speak and lead retreats and ask people to rate the aliveness of their soul (and then put a word to it) - the top two words are “tired” and “busy.”

  • Tired of being on a hamster wheel

  • Tired of skimming their lives instead of actually living it

  • Tired of being tired

  • Tired of feeling frenzied, fragmented and fake.

Sigh. And, did you know that if you put “Why am I…” into your favorite search engine - the top two answers that come up are “Why am I so tired” and “Why am I always tired”?

If this resounds with you - you’ve come to the right place.

reFreshed was birthed after Paula spent two decades working with burned out missionaries and pastors (and discovered that the word “workaholic” was actually first proposed in a study done on the stress and burnout of clergy!) She wanted to create an unhurried space to help others live out of God’s Deep Delight and become more comfortable Living that Delight out into the world in unique and transformative ways.

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Word cloud of most used words to describe the soul at a recent conference.

Word cloud of most used words to describe the soul at a recent conference.


We invite you to Slow the “F” down

  • Slow the Frenzy

  • Slow the Fragmentation

  • Slow the Feeling Overwhelmed and Missing Out

  • Slow the facades and inauthentic ways of being

We actually believe that the first step toward wholeness and living fully alive is slowing down and beginning to pay attention. Our frenzy and busyness are symptoms of a deeper, core longing

  • to be authentic

  • to live in our own God-given rhythms

  • to bring our unique strength and beauty to the world.

Whenever we feel jealous, protective, defensive, better than/worse than or striving to be/do something we are not - we are not living in our True Authenticity. We long to help you find that Freedom to be/do/say/think what you never have been allowed to before - so you can do all that God has created you to do/be/say/think in bringing your heart and gifts to the world.

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If you’re new here - try out our FREE ONLINE COURSE - 21 days to unhurryUp your Hustle. Each week leads you through simple exercises in pausing, paying attention and playing - with the hope that you will gain more delight in your life and stop missing the moments that matter the most!

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Paula Gamble-Grant is the founder and Chief Executive Saunterer of reFresh.

With over thirty years in non-profit ministry experience leadership, pain, and blessing, Paula has worked and lived and travelled all over the world helping to shepherd and provide soul care for exhausted people doing good work. She has made a career out of studying busyness as she has seen firsthand the detriments of hurry-sickness on her own life and the many to whom she ministers.

As a self-described “Occupatologist” (One who studies busyness),she is committed to helping come alongside people to help them slow their frenzy and find their fully alive - first in God’s Deep Delight and second in discovering and living out their own unique God-Poem.

Paula is a sought after international speaker and retreat leader - offering a unique (slower and more quiet) experience than the more typical noisy and busy weekend getaways. She has worked with Cru, Salvation Army, Intervarsity, the Franciscan Spiritual Center, United Methodists, Scarlet Cord Ministries, Imago Dei Ministries, Agape UK, Imago Christi, Crosspoint Ministries, Agape Lithuania, Novo, and with many leaders of various denominations and professions.

Paula has also authored two books on Kindle - her best-selling Lenten devotional: “unhurryUp into Easter: A Lenten Pilgrimage” and “A Wild and Precious Advent.” Both are currently available in the Kindle store and she is currently working on more Online Course resources to help people deepen in the Love and Delight of God and Living.

As a Spiritual Director, Supervisor and Transformational Entrepreneur, Paula currently lives near Vancouver, WA and saunters, lingers and frolics daily with some of her favorite people (and pets) - her husband Stephen Grant, mother Charlotte and her favorite distractions, Satchmo, Bailey, Chiara, Cesco and Pace. And, on a sunny day, you may even find her on a back country road riding her motorcycle!

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