One participant said, "This is so helpful - I think this should be a pre-requisite for every human being."

an intentionally crafted learning space in the heart and art of spiritual direction.

The two on the road to Emmaus had quite a journey. In the midst of their own questions and dismay about life and faith, Jesus comes and companions them. Along the way, he gently asks them questions about their lives, listens compassionately and reveals truths about himself, them and their life of faith in ways that irrepressibly transform them.

Such is the model of Soul Companionship and Spiritual Direction. While two or more of us gather, we learn to listen for our burning hearts as God is moving and acting with us. And in those moments, to discern what invitations the Lord might have for our lives with the hope of living more fully alive, fully attuned, fully in-sync with God, ourselves and our purpose.

If you...

long to discover, recover or deepen your intimate connection with Christ; 

are tired of living a hurried life that robs you of depth and purpose

and seek intentionally to disciple and companion others in Christlike living

 then please join reFresh in The Soul Companion Practicum: 

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But this is what you'd be looking at

WHAT: The Soul Companion Practicum is a 18 hour, intentionally crafted, hands-on learning space - a place for you to be and become a soulful companion of others. It is an experience designed to both deepen your own intimate journey with Christ, as well as to develop greater skill in offering a gently invitational space of growth and discovery to others. We believe that by deepening in and developing in the art of this sort of spiritual companionship, both as a recipient of it, as well as a holder of the space, each of us will help bring deeper vitality, energy and health to our families, ministries and communities.

Our SCP community will meet for an unhurried, sacred time together. (We are playing with different ways to offer this - as once/month or 3 Saturdays over 3 months, etc). During this time we will both experience and practice some key elements of Soul Companionship. These elements include: three-way listening, asking questions that "open" (i.e. avoiding being Job's friends), how to excavate disappointment, how to hold space for and to invite people to discover, discern and shepherd "burning heart" moments, and grounding ourselves in compassion.

If you've been around reFresh, you know that these are not classroom lectures. We will delve into experiencing these for ourselves and practice offering Soul Companionship to one another with our real life issues as they arise in our own sacred space.

Won't you join us?


Do you have a group/team with whom you'd like us to facilitate this curriculum?

If you have a group that wants us to facilitate the curriculum, please contact us - let's talk about how we might make this work for your team. 

WHO: This is best for women or men who have an ability to talk about what is going on in their inner life...and able to discern simple levels of emotion like glad, sad, mad and scared. If you are currently discipling, mentoring, offering Spiritual Direction or counseling others or leading small groups, this would be a great opportunity to broaden in your skill. We have had 12 step leaders, counselors, moms, grandparents, spiritual directors and professors, business execs all participate! 

Please note: you will both practice and offer soul companionship AND practice being the recipient of it with your real life "stuff." It is our belief that you cannot actually offer that which you cannot receive. 

Space is limited to 12 participants - first come, first served. By committing to this journey, you are committing to be present and pay for all sessions, regardless of your ability to attend. We know life happens, and grace abounds. The continuity of your presence impacts the entire community as we journey together.

WHERE: to be determined - seeking a cozy and inexpensive space. Do you have one to offer? 

HOW MUCH: The cost for this journey is $350. Please bring cash, a check payable to reFresh and/or we can arrange a paypal transfer. If you'd like to pay by credit card, we'll have to add 5% to your cost to help cover the fees. Please let us know if you desire to use your credit card. (If you are in a ministry, this would likely be a reimbursable expense and we'd be glad to provide you with a receipt for reimbursement.)

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