Soulshops are creative, outside the box growing spaces. A soulshop is invigorating, yet unhurried, participative, yet personal, and contemplative, yet practical.

A soulshop by reFresh is specifically designed to help you discover, recover and deepen your intimacy with God, yourself and others.

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Coming Soon on May 16th, 2019

How to build your Practice

Most people in caring professions feel honored and privileged to come alongside others on their journey. But surprisingly, most of us struggle in knowing how to talk about what we do in a way that gains us new clients. It’s a conundrum - We absolutely LOVE what we do - and because most of us, by nature, shy away from any kind of self-promotion, or that dreaded “M” word (Marketing) we fail to connect to potential clients. For most of us, our training didn’t include any training on how to build a practice starting with the very simple foundation of learning how to talk about it in a way that connects.

As one of my fellow Spiritual Directors said recently, “How do we let the world know about this amazing service we offer?”

You who are offering amazing and compassionate services for our society (yoga, breathwork, spiritual direction, counseling, massage, etc) - This Soulshop is being offered to help you learn how to talk about your unique offering to the world in a way that connects and invites potential clients to book with you. We’ll examine more deeply our “why” and our “what” and walk away with a unique new way to invite prospective clients to take action and book a session with us.

WHEN: May 16th - 10a-3pm - catered lunch included

WHERE: Summit Grove Lodge Ridgefield, WA.

HOW MUCH: $125-$200 Sliding Scale

$40 Non-refundable deposit to save your space - pay that HERE

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