Spiritual Direction

“[Spiritual direction is] a gifted presence to help a gifted self emerge.”
— Shaun McCarty
The grounds at DreamGiver's Inn

The grounds at DreamGiver's Inn

I’ve been planning on writing an email to let you know how valuable you have been in my life and how thankful I am for you. You have walked with me through some pretty tough times and helped me to see God in the darkness. Thank you for your gentleness as you accompanied on my journey. Your wisdom was water for a thirsty soul. I am more my true self than when we began this journey together. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.
— ~ a recent directee

 Are you looking to deepen your experience of your relationship with God, self or others? Maybe you feel "stuck" or off-kilter... Good - you qualify as a beautiful, messy, human heart longing to embody living, not merely making one. And if you're willing - we'd love to come alongside to help create a space where your longing for more is fostered and nurtured; where you're welcome to be who you are and walk into all your questions, longings and dreams. reFresh is about offering venues where, together, we can have unhurried soul spelunking time - to discover the glories of God in you.

What exactly is Spiritual Direction (or Soul Spelunking)?

Cathy Cedergreen, M.A.  Artful, welcoming, wise...in addition to Paula, Cathy is also available to companion you on the journey. click the picture to contact her.

Cathy Cedergreen, M.A.  Artful, welcoming, wise...in addition to Paula, Cathy is also available to companion you on the journey. click the picture to contact her.

Similar to the age-old practice of spiritual direction or soul friendship, what we offer is the creation of an unhurried, sacred space where, as Henri Nouwen writes, "...the validity of the questions does not depend on the availability of answers but on the questions' capacity to open us to new perspectives and horizons." Our privilege is to companion your journey helping you overhear yourself and the nuances of what God is doing in and around you. Our heart is to help you live a life wide open! But to do that - we have to do some unhurried soul spelunking.

Our growth and spiritual formation is a combination of the real God (not who we imagine, want or fear Him to be) revealing His real self to our real self (not who we imagine, want or fear ourselves to be). This process, which includes much "un-ning" - unlearning, unmasking our illusions of life, self, God, others - while also embracing what is true, takes great courage and companionship. It is a holistic journey - where we will not only pay attention to your soul, but help you learn how to listen to your emotions and body as well. (Paula has some training in somatic experiencing and incorporates this into her practice.)

Spiritual Direction is not a journey for the faint of heart - and sometimes it might feel a little like wandering in a dark, narrow cave. But it is also one that will unveil amazing heights, depths, widths and breadths of God's love that will bring growth and healing overflowing into compassionate action. So if you already feel like you're wandering around a dark, narrow cave, why not explore it with someone who can help you find your way?

Paula Gamble - Grant, M.A. loves to help people overhear themselves. click the picture to contact her.

Paula Gamble - Grant, M.A. loves to help people overhear themselves. click the picture to contact her.

Incidentally, a spiritual direction or soul spelunking session is NOT like life-coaching...where you might explore where you'd like to be and come up with steps to accomplish getting there. Where you want to be is not as important as where you are - and where God is with you now. Coaching might give you good tools with which to enter the cave, but once inside, it doesn't matter much what you want to accomplish as much as you navigate, discover and delight in what you encounter - letting it inform and transform how you view and interact with the world and your relationships. SD helps you be present to what is, now and be able to attend to how God is also present with you in the now.

Who can benefit from it?

  • Anyone who wants to grow in intimacy with God, self and others through paying greater attention to God's presence and action in and through his or her life.
  • Anyone who is experiencing a vague restlessness and longing for "more." 
  • Anyone who desires core healing and greater freedom.
  • Anyone seeking discernment in transition...vocational, spiritual, relational, etc
  • Anyone willing to create space and invest in facing themselves with God's grace and truth in order to help unveil the real self, created in God's image and for His purposes.

What does it cost?

Various formats require various investments:

I know, times are tough. Most people say they do not have the time or money to invest in soul care. But as you consider contributing to the care and development of the most core part of you, the part from which all the rest of your life flows, consider briefly the types of things we spend money on a semi-regular basis: lattes, haircuts (and curls and colors), massages, a gym membership, cable TV/Satellite, sports events, movies, cosmetics, PS3 games, happy hour, downloaded music and apps, concerts...ok...you get the picture... Continue...

  • One on one: The going rate for a Certified Spiritual Director is $60 -$100/for a one hour session. That being said, we are a ministry and want everyone to have access to good spiritual direction. Therefore, we are willing to have a discussion re: what is affordable for you. We offer spiritual direction over phone/skype if you are not local to the Portland/Vancouver area.) 
  • Spiritual Direction Supervision: $70-$100/hour or $35 for group supervision
  • Ignatian Exercises: A minimum suggested donation of $475 for the 24 sessions is requested.
  • ACT - (Authentic Community in Transformation) - a 2 year, 6 retreat deeper small group journey (click >>HERE<< for more details)
  • Day reFresh - $70 (cash) or $75 (online/check/credit card) for a 6 hour facilitated retreat, including lunch, snacks and optional 30 minute 1on1 spiritual direction.
  • Selah Saunter - a suggested donation of $20/person is requested.
  • 4 day silent retreat (in the works) - $439/person - for single room and private bath, all meals, snacks, 1 spiritual direction session (optional) during the retreat.
  • Online retreats (coming soon) What would you be interested in exploring via an online class with others? Please email me if your interested and also with your ideas.
  • Team Consultation: Do you want to do a team building and/or to learn how to function as a spiritually led ministry team? (please use the "contact page" to inquire about more info and rates)

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