Online Resources 

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  • Feel free to check out my blog for reFlections and iTunes for mysoulrefresh, weekly podcasts
  • Want to take a 11-13 minute guided reflection break. Take a listen to pray-as-you-go
  • Want to listen to some soothing music? Try Ancient Faith radio online.
  • Want to try out some daily Celtic prayers - how about a nightly compline?
  • If you have an Apple product, there's a great app called "Examine" that lets you journal through some daily questions regarding how you're noticing God in your day to day life.

Or perhaps you would like to explore an"embodied" spirituality? My friend Gaylie has an amazing way of helping to integrate spirit, soul and body. Here's what she writes: 

"Your body never lies. These practices begin with the understanding that your body holds valuable information. Movements that stretch, open, and awaken parts of your body may stretch, open, and awaken parts of you that are ready to be seen from a fresh perspective. Focusing on your body's trustworthy senses helps you become aware and present. Being aware of your body's senses sends the message to deeper layers of yourself that you are paying attention. Awareness is the first step to change."

Check out and see if Gaylie might be able to help you deepen and integrate your spiritual life with your soul and body!

Paula is a part of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association. Check out more about them by clicking on the logo below.